Laudrup on Denmark national team

Former Denmark international Michael Laudrup believes that there need to be some changes in football development in Denmark if the national team is to progress. He said that there is a lack of quality in the team at the moment and that it is important that the football federation pay attention to this situation.

He said that the team was disappointing at the last World Cup and that they appeared to be limited in terms of tactical awareness on the pitch. Michael Laudrup said that it has been a long time since Denmark produced some world-class players and that the federation should find solutions to this problem.

Michael Laudrup believes that more finance should be directed towards the development. of football at the grassroots level and that the Danish football federation should find a way to accomplish this. He said that the focus should be more on young players as they are the future of the game. He said that local teams should be given more facilities to develop new players and that they should be given more playing time in the domestic league.

MicahelLaudrup said that the Denmark national team did their best in the match against Croatia but they were limited. He said that they could have eliminated Croatia in the penalty shoot-out but the opposition was better than them.

He believes that there are some young players that are talented in the team and that they should be given more attention. He said that the next games will be for the Euro qualifying campaign and that it is important that the federation provide the manager with the necessary resources and facilities to build the team.

Michael Laudrup said that there is still hope for Danish football and it is up to the federation to devise a working strategy.