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Dirk Kuyt announced his retirement from playing for his national country Holland after the 2014 World Cup comes to an end. The Dutchman is currently helping Fernerbahce fighting in their league and he is expected to get past the 100 matches mark with Holland during the upcoming World Cup.

"I will never stop calling myself an international. But I have to be realistic. This will be my last tournament. I am 34 years old. Other players will take my place’’.

"It's very special that my last World Cup will be in Brazil. Hopefully we can achieve the same level as in 2010. I think it's going to be a really good tournament with Brazil as absolute favorites. You just want to be there with the best players and best countries in the world. Hopefully we can achieve the same as we did in 2010 when we reached the finals’’.

''For my country it's an honor to play. I will never say that I will retire for my country but to be realistic this is going to be my last tournament as I will be 34 and probably that's the right time for other players to pick up my place’’.

Liverpool’s impressive sees them fighting in the top 5 spots of the Premier League and the main engine behind the side of Brendan Rodgers is Luis Suarez who has displayed abilities so impressive that he has even received praise from players and coaches stating that the Uruguayan forward is good enough to compete for the Ballon d’Or.

"He's definitely, for me at the moment, at that level. What Ronaldo has done this year I think is amazing, while everyone knows the quality of Messi. But, after these two guys, I think he is a serious contender," Kuyt told reporters.