Dirk Kuyt Remembers Steven Gerrard For The Rangers

Dirk Kuyt reminisces about Steven Gerrard which warms the rangers. According to the popular website, Dirk Kuyt, former potential Liverpool player has said that he expects Steven Gerrard, ex-Liverpool captain to be a huge success as the new manager of Rangers. Gerrard has signed a four-year contract with Rangers. This was his first senior managerial designation after his retirement in 2016. The English midfielder had been teammates with the Dutch attacker for six years before Kuyt left the team to join Fenerbahce. Kuyt gradually reminisces about one of Gerrard's acts of kindness that will leave Rangers fans with love and respect for him. Kuyt says that at the Liverpool dressing room they used to have a list of upcoming matches.

Only 16 players were allowed in a prior time. So there were only eleven players and substitutes were five in number. In one of the league match he was playing, he saw the list and his name was not on the list. Then he collected his stuff, wished the other players good luck and was gone. Kuyt adds that Gerrard reflected no emotion. He didn't shout, swear, or slam the doors. He immediately left for home and he was back next time for the team's training the first thing he did was congratulate his teammates for getting three points. Gerrard has problems to resolve when he takes up his managerial position.

“His most important job will be who to bring to Ibrox to close the gap between Rangers“ and their rivals, the Celtic. The fate of a number of players is in the hands of the legendary English player now. Dirk Kuyt was “a legend for Liverpool“ and this word is sure to motivate the team for all future encounters and tournaments.