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Dirk Kuyt in the List of Players who Used TUEs

Several iconic footballers have been named in the latest hack released by Fancy Bears group.

This hack focuses on the list of failed drug test by the players, which have come to the attention of the football Association and Fifa. Yet, the lack of any action appears to be surprising. Among the names to be included in the list are some of the former Premier League stars like Dirk Kuyt and Carlos Tevez. The former was reportedly prescribed with corticosteroids, which is a steroid hormone. Even though they are being considered as legal in the eyes of the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada), their use by those players has created a lot of surprise.

The Football Association claimed that it is extremely disappointed with the list and information being made public. The leak also contains information about the conversations of latest FIFA officials. The group also says that more than 150 players had been missing the test in 2015. They included four from the UK alone. FIFA also criticised the league’s claiming that it is a breach of piracy and the world football organisation also criticised the public attack on the medical data of athletes, as it was obtained through an illegal means.

“The Football Association is disappointed that strictly confidential information has been released into the public domain. The details of ongoing cases cannot be discussed or disclosed until due legal process has been completed. Additionally, it is inappropriate to publish information relating to personal medical conditions or medications and we will work alongside our partners to ascertain the extent of this matter,” said a statement on footballers Association’s official site. “Fifa condemns in the strongest terms the publication by the Fancy Bears group of information obtained illegally, particularly personal and medical data from athletes,” responded FIFA for the allegations.